Greener by

Verdant is setting a new standard for clever, energy efficient living combined with ground-breaking design elements. One outstanding feature displaying this ethos of incorporating nature and striking architecture, is the incredible 3-storey green wall. A huge expanse of living greenery that adds aesthetic beauty and of course the ecological benefits of living with nature. Other energy efficient measures include maximising exposure to natural light and ventilation through intelligent apartment design, spacious lobbies and corridors fitted with mechanically operated glass louvres. You'll also have generous outdoor areas, awnings on west facing windows, and roller blinds or screens.

  • Use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) finishes

  • Solar boosted central gas hot water plant servicing all apartments

  • Cross ventilated to minimise the need for air-conditioning

  • Optional home intelligence systems to monitor energy usage

  • Optimised building orientation

  • Solar panels to provide renewable energy to the building

  • Bicycles for resident use

  • Two electric cars for resident use

  • Low energy fluorescent and LED light fittings

  • Nathers Energy Rating of 6.2 Stars average

  • Low flow water fittings and fixtures with high WELS ratings

  • Energy efficient use of roller blinds and screens